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[National Metaphysical Society] Law Of Attraction

Betreff: [National Metaphysical Society] Law Of Attraction
Von: leannpoulsen@gmail.com (National Metaphysical Society)
Gruppen: alt.divination
Datum: 21. Dec 2019, 23:37:21
Hey! LeAnn here.

Did you know that the law of attraction can help you to manifest any desire?

Ms. Anita Till from Miami wrote the following:

"Towards the end of November 2019, I went to my Gynecologist for my scheduled pap smear test, One week later I received a call to go the clinic immediately to see my Doctor.

He said to me that I had cervical cancer and I remember shaking hands and thanking him, he was surprised that I was so unconcerned about the situation.

Nevertheless, I scheduled another appointment with the famous Sylvester Cancer Center in Miami to run test on me and they gave me the same answer CERVICAL CANCER.

I never ever allowed a negative thought to enter my mind. I visualized no having cancer at all. On December 15, 2019, I had a radical hysterectomy and found I HAD NO CANCER AT ALL".

Truth is, it is possible to manifest your fondest desires NOW!!!

The technique is revealed in this video.

Watch here >>> https://bit.ly/2rSpSWN

Wishing you a bright and beautiful season of joy.

LeAnn Poulsen
N.M.S Team
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