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Newsgruppen Astrologie, Paranormal, Ufo, Buddhismus und Divination

Re: matchmaking ability

Betreff: Re: matchmaking ability
Von: dalton.nfld@gmail.com (David Dalton)
Gruppen: alt.religion.shamanism, alt.native, alt.yoga, alt.meditation, alt.divination
Organisation: Private Individual
Datum: 20. Mar 2020, 06:32:46
In article
 David Dalton <dalton.nfld@gmail.com> wrote:

ALL delivered assisted shaktipat from my current
state followed by granting of matchmaking ability
followed by lightening 12:24  --> 12:57 a.m. NDT
(0327 UTC/GMT) March 19, 2020.  In this I tried
to help using my own abilities.
After receiving assisted shaktipat, recipients should:
1, have matchamking ability, including identification
   of sexual harmonics and personality matching, for
   the rest of their lives,
2. experience at least a temporary lightening (I don't
   mean lightning) and come into a period of centred
   clarity and sustained productive creativity
3. have all of my current special abilities and special
   connections, with the exception of any special romantic
   connection I might have with Sarah McLachlan.
4. receive (P) (a perineum click or analogy, so a
   short period mula bandha, immediately followed
   by a shakti/kundalini buzz/rush/wave) as closure
   to magickal workings that they perform.  That
   does not always mean that the magickal working has
   been successful (after attempting one I sometimes
   then try to divine by perineum click divination
   if it has been successful, but as you know
   such divination has been unreliable for me, but
   perhaps it will be more reliable when I come
   out of the low years, and more reliable for
   assisted shaktipat recipients, but I doubt it,
   one must use your head and look for evidence).
5. have any other special connection and special
   abilities they had before the assisted shaktipat
   occurred.  This may differ from those they had
   before the special ability evolution occurred.
   For example Liz Solo now has card divination
   special ability when she didn't before.  Thus
   in general, not only due to the matchmaking
   ability which I currently do not have but hope
   will return to me when I come out of the low years,
   recipients have more than I do.  Many of them
   also have specialized magickal, shamanic, yogic,
   bioenergetic, or religious training which will
   facilitate their making use of the assisted shaktipat
   related and other special abilities.
The recipients include those who have read at least
8000 words of my writing, those ordained to bishop
level (the lowest level that can ordain to levels
below him or her) or equivalent or higher, and
those ordained by ALL (according to five qualifications:
(!) ability, (2) knowledge, (3) experience, (4) goodness
measure as defined by ALL, which I divine is goodness
towards ALL as defined and measured by ALL, and
(5) subconscious interview conducted by ALL.
It also includes some political leaders, yoga
teachers who train other yoga teachers, and
some who are considered to be major religious figures,
and some other categories (a slightly out of date
summary is on the Recent Changes/Working Notes
subpage of my Salmon on the Thorns web page).

I tried again tonight, and it was supposedly complete
at 0512 UTC/GMT March 20, 2020, almost a year
after I lost my matchmaking ability (siddhi).

The lightening/period of centred clarity will be
temporary, but the productive creativity hopefully
will be sustained, as will the matchmaking and
other abilities.

Everything else of the four components material is
rejected except most of the funnel subcomponents,
which have been adjusted by ALL, perhaps influenced
by some suggestions from me.  I and assisted
shaktipat recipients should be able to continue
to funnel any spells that hit us and tendencies
to sin that we experience.

David Dalton dalton@nfld.com http://www.nfld.com/~dalton (home page)
http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"Well, remember how I found you there/Alone in your electric chair
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