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Newsgruppen Astrologie, Paranormal, Ufo, Buddhismus und Divination

Re: matchmaking ability

Betreff: Re: matchmaking ability
Von: dalton.nfld@gmail.com (David Dalton)
Gruppen: alt.religion.shamanism, alt.native, alt.yoga, alt.meditation, alt.divination
Organisation: Private Individual
Datum: 06. May 2020, 06:01:25
In article
 David Dalton <dalton.nfld@gmail.com> wrote:

In article
 David Dalton <dalton.nfld@gmail.com> wrote:
I tried again tonight, and it was supposedly complete
at 0512 UTC/GMT March 20, 2020, almost a year
after I lost my matchmaking ability (siddhi).
That was incorrect, but I tried again last night/this morning.
The assisted shaktipat has occurred as of
0630 GMT/UTC March 22, 2020, and there are now
over a million matchmakers.
That reminds me of the following:
Newfoundland celtic rock band Figgy Duff, on their album
After the Tempest, recorded Honour, Riches (song from
The Tempest, sung by Pamela Morgan).
The song from the Tempest goes:
Honour, riches, marriage blessing
Long continuance and increasing
Hourly joys be still upon you
Juno sings her blessings on you
Earth's increase foison plenty
Barns and garners never empty
Vines with clustering bunches growing
Plants with goodly burden bowing
Spring come to you at the farthest
At the very end of harvest
Scarcity and want shall shun you
Ceres blessing so is on you
(Except in The Tempest I think it might say
?In the very end of harvest? but I don?t have
my Collected Works of Shakespeare handy to check it.)
Also I think it will have to be slow increasing
until we can reach Earth-like planets in the
near region of the galaxy.

I did get some vibes that some were pleased with
their orientation adjustments earlier tonight.

David Dalton dalton@nfld.com http://www.nfld.com/~dalton (home page)
http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
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